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Olymel's DNA

Imagine that you could create the ideal hog in a laboratory. One whose DNA provides a meat that is perfectly marbled, tender and juicy, with a colour and texture that correspond exactly to your expectations.

At Olymel, we've already created it. It's Coop certified pork, the fruit of a significant investment in genetics. Thanks to tomography, we select the hogs with the highest level of marbling even before they're born. That's what guarantees our clients consistency and uniformity they can depend on. Our dieticians, specialized in animal nutrition, then adapt feeding programs to the needs of individual herds. They can even integrate ginger, blueberries or maple syrup into their diets, according to your preferences.

Great Genes and a Good Diet,

Our genetic and diet experts help make sure Olymel Pork lives up to your high standards with every delivery.

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